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Why are European cranes so popular? Guangdong Yujia tells you

issuing time :2020-07-02

Why are European cranes so popular? Guangdong Yujia tells you

Publication time: 2020-05-12

European-style crane is a concept formed by distinguishing it from traditional crane. The European-style crane has the characteristics of small occupation space, overall flexibility, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, safe operation, advanced technology, good maintenance-free performance, and high work continuity rate, so it is widely used in major industries.

Through optimized design, the European-style crane makes the structure more compact and the height is shorter. Under the same plant conditions, the installation of the European-style crane can increase the lifting height more. If the new plant is built, the European-style crane can be used to reduce the height of the plant; if the retrofit is added, the European-style crane can be used to reduce the cost of reconstruction.

European-style crane components are lightweight, flexible technology is applied, and the main beam is optimized for design. The application of new energy-saving technologies such as European-style direct drive and variable frequency drive. The European-style crane adopts the world's leading crane optimization design and frequency conversion drive technology. The crane has the characteristics of smaller size, heavier and lighter, better maintenance-free performance, smooth operation, accurate positioning, and higher work continuity.

European-style cranes pay great attention to the lifting of the upper limit of the hook. The size of the hook to the top edge is infinitely compressed, which greatly reduces the distance from the hook head to the bottom of the plant, increases the lifting height, and reduces energy consumption. The double-rim wheels, bumpers and anti-rail protection devices ensure the accuracy and smooth operation of the machine.

Because the European-style crane has the characteristics of light weight and small wheel pressure, the new plant space can be designed smaller and more fully functional. Smaller plant means that the initial construction reduces customer investment, makes full use of plant space, and improves production efficiency. European-style crane products have the characteristics of light weight, small wheel pressure, low equipment height, compact structure, and small occupied space. Technology, the most reasonable structure is adopted from the trolley, the end beam to the main beam, and the weight is much lighter than the traditional crane.

Therefore, in the case of meeting the same demand, the height of the factory building can be reduced, the cross-sectional size of the bearing beam can be reduced, the bearing capacity of the corbel and pile foundation can be reduced, and the requirements on the track and the power supply slide line can be reduced. The overall investment in this area has decreased.




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